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Microsoft CSP solutions

Sell Azure, Managed Services, SaaS and in combination

While Microsoft labels all Indirect Providers the same, the industry differentiates them as distributors and aggregators.

Which Indirect Provider are we? In true aggregator’s style, we go beyond the dated pack-and-ship functions of distributors. With our cutting-edge cloud integrations, Indirect CSPs can fast and easy launch and scale cloud businesses selling:

  • Microsoft licenses (e.g. Azure, Office 365, Dynamics, Power BI, etc.);
  • their own Azure-based solutions;
  • and CSP-related managed services or products.

An aggregator's job is not to just enable licenses purchases on its platform, but to deliver benefits to the reseller with its infrastructure's provisioning capacity, automation, self-service and billing engine, etc.

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Assisting your teams in their daily business tasks

Don’t let your business draw in the XaaS complexity. Our aggregation platform supports every department by handling the billing of your subscription pricing models, the provisioning of orders around the clock, and allowing you to buy on behalf of your customers and manage their subscriptions while giving them also the self-serving option to do it themselves. Stay informed about customer’s consumption with intuitive usage- and license-based reports.

CSP platform for optimized operations

  • Lower the customer touchpoint for the entire customer lifecycle
  • Allow for any prices, margins and discounts changes
  • Automat provisioning with clear status messages
  • Support different customer segments, access levels, and self-service
  • Enable subscriptions management 
CSP platform for assisted sales

  • Buy on behalf of end-customers
  • Enable customers to buy, tack, and manage subscriptions by themselves
  • Send individually generated price quotes for customer approval
  • Managers prices, discounts, and special bids
  • Enable extensive multi-cloud catalog
CSP platform for subscription billing

  • Generate Power BI usage and license reports
  • Deliver pre-calculated billing data for incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Produce reconciliation files
  • Display verified data from all transacted vendors
  • Support local currency

Our multi-cloud aggregation platform is an end-to-end cloud marketplace that can properly serve your CSP and/or MSP business. 

Exceed Microsoft's profit margins

Use the power of your own CSP platform to increase earnings selling Device-as-a-Service, Monitoring-as -a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service, etc. Bundle Microsoft products with your own managed service or developed solutions and sell them at the price you choose. On our platform, resellers can publish their own solution listings and bundles by themselves. 

Don’t have your own offerings yet? Sell CSP solutions together with Microsoft’s native addons or independent vendor’s software built to top Microsoft’s technology. Enable any of our existing third-party integrations fast and easy.

configure managed services and cloud offerings

Uphold your business with a certified support

Receive technical platform support and Microsoft certified IT support whenever you need it. Our certified technical experts will provide Partner-to-Partner (P2P) support for all Microsoft cloud services within our standard service desk support at no additional fees.

P2P Microsoft support

Multi-cloud is the new normal

Customers now have access to every cloud platform on the market. Which gives them the opportunity to disperse their workloads among different environments and providers to get the best out of the cloud.

Leverage your CSP marketplace to conquer also the non-Microsoft part of your customer’s business. With our multi-cloud aggregation platform, you can get access to the largest vendor ecosystems – AWS, IBM and Google Cloud, and a chance to become a next-generation as-a-service reseller.

percentage of companies with a multi-cloud strategy

Launch your Indirect CSP business in 4 steps

Microsoft Partner Center

Prepare your MPN ID

Make sure you have a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID 24 hours prior to enrolling in the CSP program.

Join our partner network

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Join our Partner Network and fill in your contact details. We will set up a partner agreement and send it to your way.

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In the Partner Center, link your MPN ID to your account, create a profile & accept the Indirect CSP agreement.

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Select provider

We will then send you a partnership invitation to mark us as your Indirect Provider within the CSP program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I contact if I need help?

Your dedicated account manager will help you grow your cloud business. They will be your personal contact for anything you need.

Do I have to pay for support?

No, our technical support is free of charge.

What are the expected sales targets?

With us, you won't have any no targets to meet or other sales quotas. 

How do I get billed?

You get billed monthly.

Do I need to have CSP status?

Yes. Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSPs sell Microsoft products under their own CSP contract with Microsoft. An aggregator can support a CSP in selling Microsoft once the CSP holds the Microsoft status. 

Does my company's location matter?

As Microsoft Indirect Provider agreements are based on geo coverage, you will have to find an aggregator that has the rights to distribute Microsoft solution for your location.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

Yes, we support the bundling of offering together.

Do I need to be a Microsoft Partner?

Yes, all partners who would like to resell Microsoft services must be a registered Microsoft Partner and have MPN ID.

Can I easily migrate licenses from other licensing models?

Yes, it’s easy to switch from other licensing models. We’ll help guide you through the process so that everything remains simple.

What is a MPN ID?

A Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID is a way to identify you as part of the Microsoft Partner community. It's assigned to your organisation only and is used throughout the Microsoft network to verify that you can sell, distribute and administrate Microsoft licenses to your customers.

Where do I find my MPN ID?

When you enroll into the Microsoft Partner Network, you will be automatically assigned an MPN ID. This can be found in the top right-hand corner once you log into Click on the 'View Account' button on your profile and you'll be able to see the organisation you MPN ID is linked to. You can go to Partner Center to manage your profile and settings.

Do you offer any Microsoft incentives?

Yes, we do. Microsoft Incentives run quarterly, for six months, or across the whole financial year. For reference, Microsoft's financial year ends on 30 June.