Build and manage your indirect business with cloud commerce and subscription management platform

multi-cloud aggregation platform for subscription managing and billing

Powering Digital Sellers

Reduce the complexity of handling your reseller business

Our platform supports multi-cloud solutions catalogs enabling purchasing, billing, provisioning & managing of XaaS offerings. Pick existing vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Google, AWS, and other software vendors and onboard your very own managed services or solutions right next to it.

  • easy-to-operate platform with key subscription management features;
  • direct integrations to multiple vendor partner centers;
  • zero-touch and assisted sales with a streamlined quotations tool;
  • automaton and self-service for lowering the operational costs.

This combined with our multi-vendor distribution agreements creates the proper aggregation offer for any ambitious as-a-service reseller.

powering digital sellers with a multi-cloud distribution platform
subscription management

Tailor solution catalogs

Create different solutions catalogs for different customer segments and customize them in seconds. Design the first categories that will best reflect your business and add tags to make customer navigation easier. Then drag & drop offers to the desired category to start selling. 

customer segmentation

Invite customers to the platform

Enable your customers easy to buy, view, and manage their subscriptions and orders. Use a pre-defined permissions matrix to answer your business needs for zero-touch sales while keeping full control over your platform access and security. Rely on a multitude of authentication methods and login options.

price management

Manage offers prices and discounts

Edit prices and mark-ups for the products and services on your catalog. Manage margins by lowering them for customers with a large volume of licences purchased or of SaaS consumption to secure a long-term business relationship. Or reduce solution fees for new customers to get them started.

subscription self-service

Enable assisted sales and self-service

Buy products, send price quotes and manage subscriptions on behalf of customers. Or optimize sales performance by allowing customers to self-service their needs like buying and manage subscriptions. Let them upgrade, downgrade, cancel licences and purchase add-ons based on their ongoing business demands.

consumption and licence-based analytics

Analyze business outcomes with reports

Manage your reseller business with real-time data for earnings and margins using Power BI dashboards of analytical usage- and subscription-based reports. Track customer's consumption and your revenue growth to understand the cloud platforms and vendor services that are gaining the most traction.

incoming and outgoing monthly invoices

Streamline billing and invoicing

Handle the complexity of subscription billing and eliminate the burden of collecting invoicing data across multiple partner centres. Access your pre-calculated monthly outgoing and incoming invoices and reconciliation files directly on your platform. We will synchronize the data with the vendor partner centres and verified it on delivery.

Defy churn and prolong retention with multi-cloud

The evolving cloud industry enabled new business models where is no longer enough to be a reseller, a system integrator or a managed service provider. And while none of these business models will ever perish, customers now expect a reseller to:

  • resell products from multiple vendors;
  • offer a consulting assistance;
  • provide managed services;

With the wide choice they have, customers became accustomed to choosing a new provider every month, if last delivery was unsatisfactory or covered only their basic needs. Overcome retention issues with a powerful multi-cloud platform that delivers real values.
fight churn with a multi-cloud platform from csp2go

multi-vendor reseller platform

Multiple vendors

Create new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with a multi-cloud platform. Leverage our agreements and integrations to the largest vendor ecosystems to grow your reseller business.
create cloud bundles

Bundle offerings

Create services and products bundles that will turn your subscribers into loyal long-term customers due to their added value. Combine, quote and sell any mix of cloud products.
sell own managed services

Own solutions

Create listings of your own managed services and solutions. Publish them by yourself and start selling using manual transactions or automate provisioning with custom API calls.

Don't have your own offerings yet? Use our existing integrations to enrich your reseller catalog wth solutions developed on the basis of e.g. Microsoft, IBM, etc. technologies or such designed to work as native addons to solutions from these and other large software vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What offerings are included in your product catalog?

We have integrations to the largest software vendors on the cloud market: Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud, AWS and 30+ other independent vendors. 

How much does your platform cost?

Our cloud platform comes as a vital part of our value proposition to help you manage and transform your business.

Can I resell multiple vendors offerings?

Yes, and you can even do it using a single multi-cloud environment. 

Is it possible to add my own solutions to the platform?

Partners can add new offerings such as their own intellectual properties, one-time products, recurring service, etc. to their catalogs.

Is it possible to create bundles of several offerings?

Reseller can create bundles of their own products and services and make them available to their customers. 

Does the platform calculate invoices?

The invoices, partners see on their platforms, are generated automatically based on synchronized data from the vendors and are verified by us.