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Boost revenue selling Google Cloud Platform & G-Suite

Use our Google Partner status and cloud platform to enter Google Cloud ecosystem. Buy and sell Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and G-Suite with us as your aggregator without:

•   going through any Google partner application process;
•   committing to any sales quotes;
•   having any up-front investment;
•   or experiencing any delays and downtime.

How our offer differs from the rest of the distributors’? Become a reseller of one of the biggest vendors in the world with infrastructure that enables the configuration, provisioning, and management of Google Cloud products. That lowers operational costs, satisfies Google infrastructural requirements, and optimize Google business administration.

purchase Google Cloud solutions e.g. G-Suite and GCP

consumption and usage reporting for cloud offerings

Analytic reporting

Receive an overview of your customers' Google Cloud activities with a consumption- & licences-based reports
collecting SaaS fees with monthly invoices

Invoice payments

Satisfy your B2B customers with the opportunity to pay with monthly or annually invoices instead of by credit card
buy SaaS and cloud solutions by yourself


Let customers manage their subscriptions by themselves on your cloud platform instead of the Google Console

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Join our partner network and receive your cloud platform within days
sales certificates

No Google status or competencies certifications required
white-label cloud platform

No platform set-up cost or complicated onboarding procedure
automate your Google Cloud business

Get environment designed to streamline your Google Cloud sales and scale

Leverage the power of GCP in your favour

Transact an important component of your customer’s business - Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP is an industry-leading value for money solution, which your clients love. With GCP, they save expensive investments in their own infrastructure and its operation by paying only for what they use (pay-as-you-go). Deliver the solution to build profitable long-term customer relationships.

What would make your GCP offer more appealing than other providers? Our platform generates detailed overviews of your customer's Google consumption in their own individual dashboards.

GCP consumption reports

Go-To-Market with your own GCP-based services

Bring higher value to your customers offering them Google Cloud's native solutions, addons or your own managed service. Our platform’s product management tool allows you to create, publish and manage your own solution listings, product bundles and their prices, 100% by yourself.

Don’t have your own offerings yet? You can easily enable any of our existing third-party integrations to enrich your catalog.

configure new cloud offer or managed service

Attract large-scale customers with G-Suite offering

Successfully target enterprise-size businesses in need of effective communication and collaboration tools for their geographically dispersed teams. Simplify customer’s IT efforts offering something employees use in their personal lives.

Add Google’s productivity suite fast and easy to your catalog to boost customer's delight and earnings.

sell G-Suite with csp2go

add new cloud solutions to your catalog

Expand catalog

Increase business opportunities offering customers all they want - freedom to the cloud and data security reliance.
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Increase earnings

Enjoy G-Suite’s attractive margins. Go-To-Market with the help of a Google Certified Cloud Partner.
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Advance collaboration

Offer customers the modern workplace staple. Ensure they are staying ahead of the curve with effective cloud tools.

Multi-cloud describes the future

84% of your G-Suite or GCP enterprise customers have a multi-cloud business set-up. They disperse their business workloads among different environments to leverage the best-for-purpose, best-for-performance, and best-for-pocket cloud solutions.

How to top your Google earnings in a modern subscription economy? Win the non-Google part of your customer’s business with a single marketplace. With our multi-cloud aggregation platform, you get access to the largest vendor ecosystems – AWS, Microsoft and IBM Cloud, and a chance to become a next-generation as-a-service reseller.

percentage of companies with a multi-cloud strategy