Set up an IBM reseller business with the best-in-market margins and GTM support from a leading Cloud Aggregator

Top selling IBM Cloud solutions

Sell IBM's most purchased software as subscriptions

Build and maintain profitable relationships with cloud buyers selling IBM MaaS360, Aspera, SPSS, etc. on the cloud. IBM’s Cloud Marketplace Reseller (CMR) program enables you to transact IBM’s top software as a service to gain a profitable digital revenue stream.

Why would you be interested? As an IBM CMR, you will:

  • Have much greater reach to customers and new markets while sustaining a low touch XaaS sale;
  • Receive support by selected IBM Cloud Aggregators (CA) and operate your reseller business on their IBM Approved Partner Marketplaces;
  • Leverage smart business tools for provisioning automation, subscription management, billing and invoicing;
  • Collect partner wealth benefits.

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benefits of becoming an ibm cloud marketplace reseller

Business benefits of enrolling in the program

customer ownership as an IBM CMR

Own your customers

IBM’s distribution model prioritizes customer ownership. Since it eliminates the contact between IBM and the users, only the resellers possess their customer's data.
IBM Cloud Marketplace resellers revenue

Grow your revenue

Cloud resellers bill customers at the price they choose. By adding IBM's and other offerings with attractive margins to bundles they increase their revenue opportunities.
IBM Cloud Marketplace resellers's fast GTM

Accelerate your GTM

The program does not require sales certification or up-front investment. By partnering with an aggregator, resellers can focus on their business-critical tasks.

Why is an aggregator better than your old style distributor?

XaaS resellers need to drive demand through global and regional channels. For which they require e.g. SaaS GTM support, commercial help, markets knowledge, financial aid, etc. and not a pack-and-ship distributor’s skills.

For the emerging IBM SaaS channel, this help is more important than ever. And is where IBM’s Cloud Aggregators shine with their modern understanding of cloud customer journey, as-a-service ecosystems, subscription sales, etc.

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IBM Cloud Aggregators vs cloud distributor's

Sign up today - Start onboarding tomorrow

launch cloud business

Launch a reseller business with a born-on-cloud aggregator
transact cloud solutions

Get the best-in-the market margins for your transactions
leverage IBM approved marketplace

Receive your CMR platform faster than elsewhere
fast time to live

No platform set-up cost or complicated onboarding

Streamline sales and profit with our platform

As our IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller, you will enjoy all benefits of our cloud platform:

  • Zero-touch or assisted sales;
  • Customer self-service to manage subscriptions and reports;
  • Price and multi-vendor catalog management;
  • Pre-calculated billing and reconciliation files;
  • etc.

Use our platform to increase earnings by selling IBM products or bundles of IBM solutions with your own managed service or developed solutions. On our platform, resellers can publish their own solution listings and bundles by themselves. And if you don’t have your own offerings, you can easily enable any of our existing third-party integrations to enrich your catalog.

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publish managed services and cloud offerings to your IBM platform

Multi-cloud takes the lead

We will make sure you can follow the trend

Many companies see IBM SaaS services as an opportunity to outsource non-specialized processes e.g. device management, reports, predictive analytics, etc. But these companies already use other cloud providers to disperse the rest of their workloads and get the best out of the cloud.

How to win in this reality? Leverage our CMR marketplace to also conquer the non-IBM part of your customer’s business. With our multi-cloud aggregation platform, you can get access to the largest vendor ecosystems – AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud, and a chance to become a next-generation as-a-service reseller.

percentage of companies with a multi-cloud strategy

Start your IBM sales in 3 steps

Listed below are the actions you need to complete before selling IBM XaaS offerings. Want to see IBM explains the application process? Read this.

become IBM Business Partner

Become business partner

Sign up for an IBMid here and register your company in IBM PartnerWorld. Link the legal entity with the IBMid.

Become IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller

Get IBM partner status

Request a Cloud Marketplace Reseller status to sell IBM XaaS with a Business Partner Agreement. 

Choose an Cloud Aggregator

Choose cloud aggregator

Select the IBM distribution partner you want to work with from the Distributors list (Cloud Aggregators).