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From traditional to transactional & now to a next-generation business

With the as-a-service industry evolving, a new business model is emerging with cloud providers leveraging at once all known reseller functions – reselling vendor products, delivering managed services, offering to consult, and developing own cloud solutions. A successful next-generation reseller can bundle all these capacities and mixed and matched them into custom solutions for clients, case by case.

How will that affect your business? Nextgen resellers will soon become so versatile that they will win most market opportunities and customers.

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Why aren't all distributors equal?

Cloud distributors vs Cloud aggregators

Cloud and SaaS changed the IT distribution channels eliminating the need for their expertise in any “pick, pack and ship” services. Modern distributors now go beyond this dated transactional model, empowered by cutting-edge integrations, automation, understanding of cloud customer journey, as-a-service ecosystems, subscription sales, etc. These improved capacities facilitate:

•   a wider reach for the resellers business;
•   improve their sales performance;
•   and win over additional market shares.

We call these cloud aggregators.

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IT distributors vs cloud aggregators: what is the difference?

Ellen Kuder

Director of Digital Business Solutions – NTT

AppXite is the new kind of distributor in a digital world. They have a disruptive go-to-market approach but still think long-term and understand large organizations like us. For Dimension Data it is important to combine our own products with offerings of other SaaS providers. AppXite is actively engaging in our business development and focus on results.