IBM's XaaS sale model will replace the traditional on-premise licenses distribution practices while giving resellers a chance to build and expand their cloud portfolios.

Sell IBM software as subscriptions on IBM Approved Partner Marketplaces

IBM is modernizing its sales model by introducing an exclusive two-tiered software distribution process: the IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller program. Created to protect the interests of resellers, this program provides streamlined opportunities to scale your cloud businesses, catalog, and services.

The e-book explains: 

  • The IBM Partner Marketplace model
  • Players and their roles
  • What the model means for you and your customers
  • The currently available offers and the future roadmap
Selling IBM top software as subscriptions

own your IBM customers


The program eliminates contact between IBM and customers. This means that resellers will possess all customer data.
increase profit with IBM SaaS


Cloud Marketplaces Resellers bill customers at the price they choose, generating higher margins with lower costs.
control your CRM business


The new model does not require sales certification or upfront investments, allowing high-speed GTM.