IBM is replacing its distribution model by introducing a two-tiered resale motion enabled by selected IBM Cloud Aggregators.

IBM Cloud Aggregator = Software Distributor = Box Mover?

Before cloud computing, IT distributors managed logistics, credit, and the supply chain through value-added resellers (VARs) and along to end customers. As cloud environments become mainstream, their role evolved. The successful distributors of today are able to transition their value-added services and deliver a meaningful impact on IT channels. These modern distributors are Cloud Aggregators, a title designated by IBM.

The e-book explains: 

  • The value of a Cloud Aggregator (CA)
  • How the IBM Partner Marketplace model will affect resellers
  • What the new model brings to resellers and customers
  • How CAs support GTM strategies
  • The future road map of successful IBM subscription sales
IT distributorS vs IBM cloud aggregators